bm113-874bJapanese swords, especially katana, hold a special place in the sword pantheon, in large part because of the tradition and cultural importance associated with these blades.

Many sword enthusiasts feel that custom, handmade katana are the highest form of the sword makers art.

The history of the samurai, whose training revolved around “The Way of the Sword,” reveals the reverence in which the katana was held at the time. That reverence is still very much alive today, as evidenced by the growing numbers of martial artists and sword collectors seeking out these famous hand-made swords.

All of our blades are:

  • One-of-a-kind creations, each a unique work of art
  • Backed by the best guarantee in the business: Every blade is guaranteed for life. If any blade breaks, we fix it. Period.
  • Treated with our advanced, proprietary heat treat and cryo process that creates the toughest, high-hardness swords in the world.