bumon1Bumon is our newest line of one-of-a-kind, custom swords. Featuring traditional Japanese pinned construction, with silk wrapped handles and minuki. Tsuba, fuchi and kashira are cast from antiques in Daniel’s colleciton. Bumon swords are also differentially hardened, producing a hamon or temper line on the blade.

The Bumon name means “war-style,” from the Japanese words “Bu,” or war, and “Mon,” which means pattern or design. These are fully functional, exquisitely balanced blades.

The history of Japanese swords is rich with tradition. While acknowledging the contributions of ancient smiths to the art of the sword, the Bumon line was created to bring together traditional styling with the best that modern metallurgy has to offer.

Angel Sword uses modern steels to make our Bumon swords. Currently, we are using either 1075 or S7. These steels have exceptional performance characteristics and are used by many blade smiths. But we enhance these steels even further using our proprietary heat and cryogenic treatment.

Most Japanese-style swords have a soft spine that will bend when subjected to lateral stresses, such as from a misplaced cut. Our advanced heat treat and cryogenic process produces a springy spine to withstand severe impacts while at the same time removing brittleness from the RCH60 edge.

Serious fans of Japanese swords will find that our Bumon line combines the aesthetic features they desire with the balance and extreme performance of all Angel Sword blades.