bk-jian_inlayAs Angel Sword’s popularity increased over the years, Daniel Watson recognized the need for a line of swords crafted to Angel Sword’s high standards but that was more affordable. He created the Bright Knight line to bring high-quality, hand-made, one-of-a-kind blades to the masses.

Bright Knight blades are sculpted by stock removal from high carbon steel, hardened and tempered to an armor piercing toughness that is flexible enough to withstand combat.

Every Bright Knight blade also goes through our patent-pending Therma-Cycle™ processing to enhance the steel’s performance still further. Therma-Cycle processing uses cryogenic cold (-300F) to enhance the properties of the steel at the molecular level, resulting in the toughest, high hardness swords in the world. The hardness and toughness of our Bright Knight swords, while not as exceptional as our Avatar and Bumon lines, will surpass that of ANY other widely available blade, including the famed L6 Bainite swords.

bk-example1Each piece is hand-finished with cord or silk wraps, choice hardwoods such as cocobolo, cardinal wood, African purple heart and others. Materials such as horn, brass, bone, and bronze are often used to complement handles and blades.

This uncommon balance between durability, edge-holding hardness and unique beauty sets Bright Knight well above other commercially available blades.

Past Bright Knight Blades