Angel Sword blades are guaranteed for life against breakage for normal use and any reasonable misuse.  We expect our blades to cut, slash, thrust, slice, dice, and otherwise decimate their targets!  We always want to know the story of what it takes to damage one of our blades, as such tales often become legends to us.

We will repair a damaged blade at no cost to you when we can keep the weapon as close to its original design as possible. If we cannot, we will accept the broken blade and give you in-store credit for its full value, which you can use to purchase a new blade.

While we can guarantee metal blades for life, our functional guarantee does not always cover wood or leather damage. We will examine any wood or leather damage on an edged weapon and determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether we will guarantee that aspect of the damage.

Our functional guarantee does not cover water damage like rust, mold, or mildew.  Minor rust repair may simply invoke a “buy us a beer” exchange, so please bring the weapon to us as soon as you discover water damage!

We are happy to perform non-covered repairs for a nominal hourly shop rate and will, in such cases, provide estimates and periodic updates.


Angel Sword guarantees the value of all properly maintained weapons.  Any weapon may be traded for a more valuable (20% or greater) weapon at the original purchase price or increased market value, whichever is greater (less a polishing fee, if necessary).  Please contact us for an evaluation and current market value.


All sales are final.  Payments toward layaways or custom orders are non-refundable. If a layaway or custom order is canceled, all monies paid will be converted to an in-store credit memo.  Credit memos may be used at any time toward another purchase from Angel Sword. We do not give cash refunds.