redwootzsmallOur Avatar line features Techno-Wootz Damascus steel, which has the best performance characteristics of any of the steels we use at Angel Sword. Avatar blades are all one-of-a-kind creations (as are all of our Angel Sword, Bumon, Bright Knight and Buccaneer products).

Long esteemed as the ultimate sword steel, true wootz Damascus has superior qualities that provide exceptional toughness, edge retention and flexibility. Today, most true Damascus steel swords are located in museums. The making of these wootz Damascus blades was long considered a lost art…

But a recent technological breakthrough at Angel Sword has recreated the qualities of the legendary wootz Damascus steel. Angel Sword is one of just a handful of forges that are working in this amazing steel. The fine crystalline structure of our Techno-wootz™ Damascus blades gives our Avatar blades the same aggressive cutting edge as the Damascus swords of old.

avatar-blueguardsmallIndependent verification of the properties of Techno-Wootz™ Damascus steel has been performed by Dr. Eric Taleff, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. (A .PDF file of his report is available; size 1.53 megs)

Our Avatar Damascus blades open a new horizon in the sword maker’s art. Daniel often works patterns into the steel, such as dragons, Celtic knots, waves, and mountains, as well as more random patterns.

Our Avatar blades also undergo Therma-Cycle™ cryogenic processing to make them even tougher. This advanced technology takes our Techno-Wootz Damascus one step further to create blades that offer extreme performance.

Past Avatar Blades