as-ivorymaidensmallAs unique works of art, Angel Sword blades command prices appropriate for heirloom-quality weapons. Their value also reflects the time and materials that go into each piece. These special works are one-of-a-kind blades (as our all our Avatar, Bright Knight, Bumon and Buccaneer products) that typically appeal to serious collectors.

Only the finest materials are used in the crafting of Angel Sword weaponry. This includes high-quality steel, custom alloys, precious and semi-precious stones, and the finest in wood, bone, horn, and other natural materials.

Watson uses a traditional bellows-driven charcoal forge to heat the steel, carefully purifying and carburizing each blade, hammering it into shape and then tempering it to perfection. The end result of these efforts is “Living Steel” – a super-high carbon steel blade (typically between 1-1.5 percent carbon) that is extremely flexible, very strong, and that holds an exceptionally sharp edge.

Past Angel Swords