Few weapons can compare to the sword when it comes to artistry, passion, imagination, and history.  Bladed melee weapons abound in human history from the Neolithic era to modern times, and further find themselves the center of many an epic tale.  Today, we find swords, daggers, and knives forged to complement a particular martial art, reflect a favored historical period, and serve as powerful symbols of art for proud display.  At Angel Sword, our creations are more than beautiful works of art — each sword and knife is fully functional, razor sharp, battle ready, and combat worthy.  Our hand-crafted swords and knives can be found far and wide: in the kitchens of demanding chefs, on the bodyguards of royalty, strapped to special forces operators, on display in renowned martial arts studios, and in your very own home.  We offer several different steel lines to choose from, each with its own price range to accommodate a variety of budgets.  Angel Sword’s are made affordable through our zero-interest layaway program.  Our master smith and artisans welcome you!

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Antique Weapons For Sale

Angel Sword is not just the premier sword maker in the USA but that we also love blades and are constantly inspired by antique weapons that we come across. We have an extensive collection of antique weaponry that we do offer for sale. So if your in the market for something old or something new we can accommodate both!

Please browse our current selection of swords and custom knives we have for sale. Due to the fact that all of our pieces are one of a kind items which has forced us to set up our system in a way that you can inquiry about a piece and we can then make sure that it is still available for you to buy.