bk-jian_homeAngel Sword makes a variety of Chinese blades, some traditional and others with a more modern interpretation, including tai chi or jian swords, daos, and sabers.

All of our blades are:

  • One-of-a-kind creations, each a unique work of art
  • Backed by the best guarantee in the business: Every blade is guaranteed for life. If any blade breaks, we fix it. Period.
  • Treated with our advanced, proprietary heat treat and cryo process that creates the toughest, high-hardness swords in the world.

Chinese Daos

The dao’s origins dates back centuries, and legend has it that it was invented by Sui Rensho, second of the mythical San Huang emperors.


Also known as taiji, tai chi, or tai chi chuan swords, these long, elegant blades are generally balanced very near the hilt. They feel very light in the hand, which is one reason these swords are a favorite of practitioners of Chinese martial arts.