Buc_Katana_P7Angel Sword is proud to introduce our new Buccaneer katana line of traditional Japanese-style swords. Buccaneer katanas feature the traditional construction that fans of Japanese swords demand, but are less expensive than our premium Bumon line.

Buccaneer katana have differentially hardened blades, which produces a hamon along the blade’s edge. The tsuka, or handle, uses pinned construction and receives a cord or silk wrap over ray skin. Traditional menuki, such as dragons, cranes or samurai, are woven into the wrap. Each blade is also adorned with traditional tsuba, fuchi, and kashira cast from antiques in Daniel Watson’s collection.

In addition to differential hardening to produce the hamon, all Buccaneer katana undergo Angel Sword’s patent-pending Therma-Cycle™ cryogenic heat treat that gives blades exceptional toughness. In performance, the steel in our Buccaneer katana falls below our Avatar, Bumon and Bright Knight lines. But our Buccaneer katana will outperform ANY of the widely available katana sold under various trademarks, with the exception of the famed L6 Bainite blades. (For performance specifications higher than the L6 Bainite, please see our Avatar, Bumon and Bright Knight lines.)


The blades of our Buccaneer katana are not shaped at our forge in Driftwood, Texas, but we use our advanced heat-treat to radically improve the qualities of the steel. Blades that begin with a soft, malleable spine undergo our heat-treating process that creates a half-hardened, spring tempered spine. Unlike a soft spine that bends and stays bent, this spring-tempered spine will bend and return to true. Our patent-pending Therma-Cycle™ processing also makes the edge much tougher at the same Rockwell hardness.