Grandfather (IX1001)


    Series: Antique
    Weight: 38 ounces
    Overall Length: 38 inches
    Overall Width: 6 1/2 inches
    Blade Length: 32 3/4 inches
    Blade Width at Hilt: 1 3/4 inches
    Handle: Antique leather-wrapped
    Guard: Antique steel
    Pommel: Antique steel
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    “Grandfather” is one of the finest examples of a 10th century Viking sword in existence today.  The double-edged pattern-weld blade was forged in the 10th century and is of Viking or Merovingian origin.  The style of the blade, guard, wrap, and pommel indicates that this sword participated in the crusades of the Byzantine Empire.  There is even pitting over most of the blade with a section of deep pitting around the base of the blade and on the crossbar that appears to be related to a cloth wrapped around the blade.  A gold cross is inlaid completely through the blade near the hilt.  The Damascus pattern in the steel appears linear along the edges with zig zags and swirls down the center.  The crossbar is certainly original but the pommel was probably replaced in the 9th or 8th century.  There is evidence that the tang was repaired at some point in the sword’s history.