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How do I care for my sword?
Can I visit the Angel Sword forge?
Do you have a paper catalog?
Why are some of your weapons so expensive?
Do you do custom orders?
How do you become a swordsmith?
Can you appraise my weapon?

Q: How do I care for my sword?

A: Caring for your sword will help make it last for generations. Most of the supplies mentioned below can be found at martial arts supply stores or better hardware stores.

  • Oil - Always keep your blade lightly oiled to prevent rust. We recommend Japanese sword oil or refined clove oil.
  • Polishing - Polishing a blade is much like polishing silver - use a quality metal polish and buff with a soft cloth. DO NOT polish a blued blade.
  • Sharpening - Most of the time a leather strop is sufficient to restore the edge. When resharpening is needed, contact us for details. If you decide to resharpen the blade yourself, use quality stones. We recommend Japanese water stones or Arkansas stones.
  • Hilts - Care for wooden hilts as you would any fine wood. Wood dries out with time and use and must be oiled. Use a fine furniture oil, not a furniture wax or an oil containing wax. Polish wire-wrapped hilts as you would your blade but be sure to remove all the polish (a toothbrush works well for this).
  • Storage - If the blade is store for more than a few weeks, do not store it in the scabbard. Wipe the blade down heavily with oil, wipe the wood down with furniture oil, and store in a cool, dry place.

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Q: Can I visit the Angel Sword forge?

A: Yes. We occasionally hold open houses. If you would like to be contacted when we have our next open house, let us know.

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Q: Do you have a paper catalog?

A: No paper catalog, but we add to our web catalog periodically. The best way to see our blades is up close and personal, so come visit us at the Renaissance Faires we attend! These include Scarborough Faire, the New York Renaissance Faire, and the Texas Renaissance Festival.

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Q: Why are some of your weapons so expensive?

A: You get what you pay for! Our blades are more expensive because we use quality raw materials and many man hours in each blade. We spend over $200 in materials for one of our least expensive swords. A cheap $200 factory-made sword has less than $10 in raw materials.

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Q: Do you do custom orders?

A: Very rarely. Master Swordsmith Daniel will occasionally agree to make a custom piece, but only after discussing the design with the prospective buyer. This, of course, requires visiting Angel Sword at one of the renaissance faires we attend.

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Q: How do you become a swordsmith?

A: Years of studying with a master swordsmith, reading books related to the subject (see our reading list for some ideas), and years of working in a forge. The art of swordsmithing is one that takes patience and fortitude - it is a slow, winding journey that leads to many other paths!

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Q: Can you appraise my weapon?

A: It is nearly impossible to appraise a sword (or anything else for that matter) without having it in hand to evaluate it up close. If you believe the blade you have is of the renaissance period or earlier (Master Swordsmith Daniel's speciality), please give us a call. We can set up an appointment for you to come by with your blade and get his opinion on its age and worth. It's also a good idea to do some of your own research and we have some great books on our reading list which can help you.

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